The architecture of RSHP book launch

23 November 2022

We recently celebrated the launch of our new series of books, The architecture of RSHP, at our office in the Leadenhall Building. It was a wonderful evening that brought together a range of teams who worked on the different projects featured in each book. Project clients and team members joined us to raise a glass and celebrate the first 4 books in this new series. 

Speakers were also invited to share personal insights and fond memories from their project involvement with RSHP, these included: Laura Lee, chief executive of Maggie’s; Peter Murray, co-founder of New London Architecture (NLA) and author of The Leadenhall Building; Graham Stirk, senior RSHP partner and designer of the Leadenhall Building; John McElgunn, project lead on the British Museum WCEC; and Paul Thompson, project lead on Barangaroo.

It’s the first time that RSHP has taken an individual project and presented the design process from conception to completion, as well as how we work with our clients, local government bodies, and consultants.

RSHP would also like to thank everyone who has given their time to help with the production of each book. It would not have been possible without their generous assistance.

Captured by an architectural writer, each building covered in the book series has a unique story. All four of the following books will be available to read for free on our website very soon:

2014 British Museum World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre
Author Rory Olcayto
Foreword by Neil MacGregor (Director of the British Museum during build)

2008 Maggie’s West London Centre
Author Eddie Heathcote
Foreword by Timothy Hyman RA (Maggie’s artist in residence)

2017 The Making of Barangaroo South, Sydney
Author David Taylor
Forewords by Paul Keating, Richard Rogers and David Hutton (Lendlease)

2014 The Leadenhall Building
Author Peter Murray
Foreword by Nigel Webb (Head of Development at British Land)

Book launch images by Lucie Goodayle