Channel Four HQ granted Grade II listing

28 March 2023

RSHP is delighted that the Channel Four headquarters in London has been Grade II listed.

A statement from Ivan Harbour:    "The building, commissioned by the, then, 10-year-old TV station, radical in its programming and commissioning was, on opening, described as a ‘transistor radio’ following on from the ‘valve radio’, Lloyd’s of London

Although, superficially similar in its expression (the team was led by John Young, following his role on Lloyd’s of London), the building takes the contrary urban approach, re-enforcing the street edges and amplifying its primary Westminster street corner as a generous public space. The building displays innovations of its time with the curved full-height post-tensioned cable wall atrium, which was the first of its type in the UK and allows passers-by to see deep into the building."

"As a private building that gives generously to the public realm and playfully displays a functional and material legibility, this building reflects the civic and contextual values which remain central to RRP’s (now RSHP’s) urban architecture."

Ivan Harbour, Senior Partner, RSHP