Capodichino celebrates construction milestone

24 April 2024

On 19 April, at a topping out event attended by the Mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, the final module of the steel roof was installed at Capodichino Aeroporto Station.

Now heading towards its final phases of construction, this significant metro station for the city on the extension to the Metropolitana Linea 1, will connect the airport with the city centre, the port, and the high-speed railway service.

The 65 x 53m roof, inspired by an aircraft hangar previously on the site, stands 8m from street level and oversails a subterranean piazza, allowing natural light and ventilation to filter deep into the 50m-depth internal space. This dramatic space, inspired by the 16th Century St. Patrick’s Well in Orvieto, will feature eight custom-designed lifts, surrounded by four yellow emergency exit stairs that spiral around the perimeter of the tube.

The spatial interplay between the two, set against the background of the civil engineering, makes for a dynamic three-dimensional experience, sculpted by daylight, colour and the passengers themselves.

'Without embellishment, exposed, expressed and dynamic, the art of all the construction trades take centre stage at Capodichino Metro Station.' Ivan Harbour, project partner.