Like our design ethos, our studio culture celebrates people, championing equality, collaboration and social responsibility.


RSHP believes in equality, diversity and inclusion, both externally as reflected in the practice’s designs and internally. Employee wellbeing, health and happiness are important, with a conscious focus on providing a productive and friendly environment for all. Equally, as design leaders RSHP embraces collaboration across all projects, working with co-architects, clients, consultants and specialists.

We hold regular design forums that are open to employees to discuss competitions and ongoing projects, and provide a platform for creativity and new solutions. 

To continually evolve as a practice, nurture a learning culture and give back to society, we have established mentoring systems and close ties to schools and colleges. We support educational programmes that broaden access to our industry and foster young architects.

“Every Monday morning it is exciting to come into work because you never quite know what’s going to happen, and the debate about architecture and the enthusiasm of the people here is infectious.” Ivan Harbour, Senior Partner

Our Constitution brings a moral dimension to our work, with our practice owned by a charitable trust rather than individuals, and employees having a share of practice profits. Together as RSHP, we donate 20% of profits to charities, with this regular giving decided by our people. Additionally, there are no individual offices in our open-plan workplaces. Sharing a purpose, we are united as one RSHP.

£19.8 million has been distributed through the practice’s charity.