Stephen Barrett signs open letter to prioritise a net zero economy

21 September 2022

In an open letter, Stephen Barrett, partner, has joined 100 business and finance leaders urging the new Prime Minister Liz Truss to strengthen the economy by prioritising response to climate and nature crises. 

Read the letter. 

In response to signing the letter, Stephen Barrett, partner said

“ The war in Ukraine coincides with the hottest summer on record in the United Kingdom, a pivotal intersection between energy and environmental crises. It’s precisely at this juncture that bold decisions are required. Not more of the same but rather an opportunity to implement long‑term sustainable strategies deploying a range of intelligent, resilient, efficient, low‑carbon renewable technologies and design solutions.”

Stephen has been an ongoing member of the RSHP sustainability group. He led the LEED certification process on the Campus Palmas Altas project in Seville and managed the environmental footprint audit of the practice’s own activities in 2008. He is a qualified BREEAM International Assessor.

The letter, which affirms business and finance sector commitment to support the UK’s climate and nature targets, comes nearly two weeks after the new Prime Minister announced plans to tackle the energy crisis which included a new round of oil and gas licences and lifting the moratorium on fracking. 

The letter text maps out what is needed to improve energy security, shield the UK from volatile fossil fuels prices and enable the country to deliver its climate promises.