Giant interactive artwork at the Leadenhall Building

06 February 2023

This Friday we will say farewell to the popular Evanescent, a wonderful installation of giant illuminated bubbles presented in the Leadenhall Building’s public space as part of the Recharge campaign by EC Bid in collaboration with FESTIVAL.ORG  and Atelier Sisu.

Pop along this final week and escape into a wonderful sound and light environment. 

We are delighted that the Leadenhall Building’s public space area is host to such a playful art installation designed by Atelier Sisu, open for all to enjoy during the winter months. 

The installation of 7.5 metres of stacked giant bubbles compliments the seven-storey public space and animates the architecture with shifting iridescence reflections.

The building’s spectacular semi-enclosed, vast cathedral-like public space can easily accommodate large scale sculpture and installation art. Fulfilling RSHP’s vision to establish a significant area of cultural public realm in the city and a half-acre extension to the adjacent piazza of St Helen’s Square.