Five Facts about Arden Station to mark construction completion

11 April 2024

Designed as a strong civic response to reflect the rich industrial history of North Melbourne, Arden Station creates a distinguished landmark for the new neighbourhood. 

Now that all major construction is complete, here are 5 facts to celebrate the design of the new station:

  1. Underpinned by the philosophy of an ‘open metro’, the design incorporates three central skylights that draw natural light down into the concourse and platform spaces.
  2. The station entrance is defined by 15 precast brickwork archways that required a total of 104,000 locally manufactured bricks to complete.
  3. Conceptualised as a skewed arch and drawing on the industrial history of the local area, the bricks don't terminate at ground level but travel all the way down to the concourse below, using the materiality as a point of navigation from platform to ground.
  4. Due to the vast scale of the arches, each was fabricated in three individual segments offsite and then carefully craned into their final connected positions on-site in 2022.
  5. The above-ground buildings stand on an elevated podium, raised 1.5 meters above standard grade, offering passive flood protection designed to withstand a one-in-1000-year weather event.

The Metro Tunnel Project in Melbourne will transform the way people move around Melbourne and improve access to key destinations. Melbourne will have five new landmarks and meeting places when the Metro Tunnel’s underground stations open in 2025.

The design for the Metro Tunnel is a world-class collaboration between leading design practices Hassell, Weston Williamson + Partners and RSHP.

To find out more about Arden Station’s journey to completion, visit the State Government of Victoria, Australia website: Victoria’s Big Build