05 October 2016

Shaping London’s future workspaces exhibition at New London Architecture, featuring PLACE/Ladywell, Chiswick Park and RSHP’s studio in The Leadenhall Building.

Work has shaped large parts of London’s urban landscape – from great Victorian warehouses to huge modern logistics sheds; from 17th century coffee houses to the steel and glass towers of the City cluster; and from railway arch workshops to digital fablabs.

Today, the entire city – streets, cafés, public spaces and homes – is a place of work. As the speed of technological change accelerates, the boundaries between working, living and leisure become ever more blurred. This exhibition discusses the changing nature of work in a time of flux: both internationally, technologically and culturally. What do we need for the future? Where will we working?

With ever increasing lifespans, there may be four generations in one working environment; technological advances will afford new ways of working flexibly and collaboratively. Accommodation for commercial and industrial uses is under threat. London’s continued growth - to an expected 10 million people by 2039 - is pushing up land prices. In a post-Brexit world, London will have to work harder than ever to compete on a global level to attract and retain the best talent. The availability, affordability and quality of the spaces in which we work will be critical.

WRK / LDN examines the future workspace requirements of London’s commercial, enterprise and industrial sectors. Creating a new pop-up working space in the heart of Bloomsbury, this exhibition discusses the issues facing London workers, highlights the future areas for growth across the capital, showcases current exemplar schemes and gives key recommendations for how we should approach securing the future of London’s economy.

The exhibition is part of an NLA insight study programme, supported by a three-month series of events.The exhibition opens from Thursday 13 October until Saturday 17 December at The Building Centre, Store Street, London.