One Park Taipei wins a CTBUH Award for Excellence 2019

15 April 2019

One Park Taipei has won a Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Award for Excellence 2019 in the Tall Buildings 100-199m category.

One Park Taipei has won a Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Award for Excellence 2019 in the Tall Buildings 100-199m category. These awards recognize projects which have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest level and enhance cities and the lives of their inhabitants.

Designed for client, Yuan Lih Construction, One Park Taipei comprises two high-rise residential towers adjacent to Da’an Park, in the heart of the Da’an district, Taipei. It is a 26-hectare site which contains a vast area of public green space — a popular destination within the local area. The two towers are staggered to maximize views across the park to the west, and to the stunning views of Yang Ming Mountain to the north, the Wulai hot springs district to the south, and the city's iconic Taipei 101 tower. The south tower is 35 storeys and the north tower is 31 storeys.

The apartments are elevated above a 12m tall entrance lobby to give uninterrupted west-facing views over an adjacent elevated road and towards the popular Da’an Park. Each floor is flexible and can be used as a single apartment of around 600m2, or can be divided in half to create two smaller units of approximately 330m2 each. All apartments have panoramic views of the park from generous external terraces, while residents have access to a rooftop terrace. The larger apartments come with double height terraces. Whilst the park elevations are articulated by external terraces, the north and south elevations are articulated by projecting windows and external shading elements. The east elevation alternatively offers unique city views of Taipei CBD and the iconic Taipei 101 tower.

Currently the two highest residential buildings in Taipei, the development has achieved the 'EEWH' green building certification system in Taiwan - with buildings assessed on their biodiversity, carbon emissions and construction waste reduction, daily energy conservation, greenery, indoor environment, water conservation, water content of the site, and sewage and waste disposal facility improvement.

Acting as pavilions in the landscape, the design has set a new benchmark in high-rise residential projects in Taiwan, in terms of location, views and aspect, spatial quality, landscape design and public amenities.

“One Park Taipei has firmly established itself on the skyline and has set a new benchmark for construction quality in the city. The building marks a radical departure from the norm in Taipei’s residential real estate market and —where the severe constraints imposed by earthquake and typhoon normally wear heavily on the city’s built fabric — One Park Taipei’s fine scale, dignity and the softly reflected light from its zinc surfaces, set it apart.” – Ivan Harbour, Senior Partner and Project Lead, RSHP

“Yuan Lih is delighted to have worked with the RSHP team to design this project. We have always had a lot of admiration for RSHP's original ideas and design concepts, especially in their use of bright colours. Cutting a bold figure of orange, melon yellow and its exterior titanium-zinc plate, One Park Taipei stands tall in the center of Taipei, breathing new life into the cityscape of Taipei, and setting a new benchmark for Taiwan's high-rise residential projects." – Owen Tsai, Project Manager, Yuan Lih