New Ideas for Housing Exhibition

08 October 2015

London has faced a ‘housing crisis’ for over two decades – a crisis that at present levels of housing delivery can only get worse. Despite its longevity there seems to be a dearth of new thinking. We have a shortage of land, yet our thinking on density is basic at best.

We have a system where delivery is restricted by developers who, understandably wish avoid lowering prices if they flood the market. We have virtually no collaborative or cooperative housing; attempts to breathe life into the customised market have singularly failed. We are suspicious of modern methods of construction.

New Ideas for Housing, NLA’s major Autumn 2015 exhibition, uncovers 100 new innovative ideas to solve the housing crisis. The result of a major NLA International Ideas Competition organised in collaboration with the Mayor of London, the competition attracted over 200 entries from 16 countries around the world, with submissions from world-renowned architects, developers, consultants, local boroughs and everyday city residents.

The exhibition presents a selection of both practical and more radical ideas: from increasing self-building and co-housing, to building over infrastructure assets, infilling council estates, and densifying the suburbs including RSHP’s Y:Cube housing.

Also on display is a Showcase of some of the most exemplary new, or proposed, housing developments in London including three of RSHP’s London residential schemes: Merano, Riverlight and NEO Bankside.

The exhibition forms part of major NLA Insight Study, backed up by independent research, examining what needs to happen in the capital to improve the speed, scale and quality of its housing supply. It is supported by a series of free talks, conferences and tours - details on the NLA website

Thursday 15 October – Thursday 17 December 2015, NLA, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT