Geneva airport design receives planning permission

19 November 2014

Geneva airport ‘aile_EST’, or East wing, a 520 metre-long Non-Schengen facility designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, has received planning permission from The Federal Authorities in Switzerland.

The facility links to the existing terminal and responds to an increase in commercial activity in medium and long-haul flights at the airport by providing new Departures and Arrivals Halls, contact stands and gate lounge seating for departing passengers, additional first class airline lounges and technical basements.

The facility, which represents an important improvement for the airport in terms of the flexibility of its operation and passenger comfort, will cost CHF 395 million and is based on a collaborative approach with consultants from three countries forming the RBI-T project consortium.

The first phase ‘Route Douaniere’, a French vehicular tunnel linking the French sector to the French border, is set to open in March 2015 and the new wing is scheduled to complete in 2020.