Double Cove wins Hong Kong National prizes in International Property Awards

10 November 2015

Double Cove has won the Hong Kong National Property Awards in three categories: Residential High Rise Development; Architecture Multiple Residence; and Mixed Use Architecture, qualifying the scheme for the International Property Awards 2016 final.

The project is located in Hong Kong’s only twin-bayed peninsula – to the left is the vibrant Wu Kai Sha Beach, to the right are the placid waters of Starfish Bay. Double Cove overlooks the sweeping waterside of Tolo Harbour and the Saikung Country Park and is bordered by extensive woodland in a spectacular part of the New Territories.

In collaboration with Henderson Land, RSHP has been responsible for Phase 1 of the residential development, retail and community facilities in the overall masterplan, which delivers a total of 265,000m² of luxury housing in 21 towers (most of which are organised in pairs) as well as 25,000m² of commercial and club house facilities, and 1,100 car parking spaces.