Coronavirus Update

12 March 2020

Keeping RSHP employees, clients and collaborators protected during the coronavirus pandemic

Following the announcement that the UK has moved from the containment phase to the delay phase, RSHP have taken the decision on Thursday 12th March to ask all staff to work from home and to limit all visits to the office to a minimum

The office’s ability to function remotely has already been tested and we are confident that we will continue to work as a team. Choosing to act now, before we are forced by circumstances to impose isolation measures, enables us to continue to operate as a team, meeting in small groups when necessary to collaborate and to ensure project continuity.

There is growing evidence that acting sooner has a disproportionate benefit in reducing the scale of the outbreak, and consequently on the mortality rate as health services are able to care for the more vulnerable, and therefore we are doing it to protect our immediate RSHP community but also as a socially responsible measure.

We have advised all our clients of our decision to take this pro-active step as we believe it will better enable us to ensure business continuity whilst safeguarding our staff.