“We strive for architecture that speaks to occupiers and passers-by, revealing its design inventiveness and intent. That starts with being good listeners and rigorous thinkers.”

Graham Stirk, Senior Partner


RSHP architecture is uniquely specific to the aspirations of the brief, the functional needs, people’s experiences, the site’s qualities and the wider context. Only then can you realise a project’s full potential and aspire to creating timeless design.

Considered and intentional, we celebrate the act of building and want our places and spaces to be honest, inclusive, inviting and uplifting. Architecture that unites people, rather than creates hierarchies, and is based on a strong and meaningful narrative. We don’t resort to the use of decorative motif to make a building stand out or blend in. Good architecture earns its attention and people’s affection.

“For me, The Leadenhall Building is about drawing people in. Yes, it’s impressive; yes, it’s an incredible feat of engineering; but it’s also permeable and accessible in a way so many other buildings in the City are not. It engages people - they feel it belongs to them.”

Mike Rayner, Head of Development, Oxford Properties