“Our architecture places great emphasis on economy of means: efficient structures, appropriate use of materials, and designs that are fit for purpose and practical to build.”

Andrew Partridge, Associate Partner


We create elegance and quality through economies of scale and standarised systems. Our solutions include the innovative use of pre-fabricated components. Delivered 95% offsite in a controlled work environment, safety is enhanced, waste is avoided and running costs are significantly reduced. Precision-engineered modular systems enable localised assembly and delivery to be deployed quickly and effectively.

These efficiencies are combined with optimised construction time. Our ability to engage with manufacturers, contractors and the wider supply chain has enabled us time and again to deliver highly individual architecture, highly efficiently. The results are not just synonymous with real savings, but also environmental responsibility.

"This exciting scheme, which will be the first time we have used a highly energy-efficient modular build system,can be delivered in considerably less time than a traditional-build project"

Cllr Lynda Thorne, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities talking about Crofts Street, Cardiff