“Underlying our design approach is the importance we attach to people, civic space and neighbourliness – to humanist values.”

Mark Rintoul, Senior Associate


A building has a footprint that goes far beyond its site boundaries. Architecture has the potential to positively influence life around it. Engaging with communities, public consultation and collaborative dialogue inform our solutions. They are a springboard to challenge commonly accepted norms and create unique, bold and meaningful responses that elevate urban quality.

Often the art is finding ways to liberate space at ground level, adding to the network of public places that connect differing neighbourhoods, districts and activities. At the same time, we work to blur boundaries between the public and private realm, between the inside and out. These overlaps and the resulting interactions enrichen the social life of spaces and make people’s day.

"This ground-breaking development aims to create a fully accessible Town Hall and civic campus - the result of the Disabled Residents’ Team working together with RSHP. This way of working together has proven to be both cost and time effective for the developer, also allowing for robust solutions to be found earlier on in the process."

Jane Wilmot OBE Co-Chair Civic Campus Disabled Residents Team