“Architecture is a living thing. Our designs enable, facilitate and accommodate changes in use over time.”

Georgina Robledo, Associate Partner


As architects, we have a responsibility to look at old buildings before creating new ones, and strive to design solutions not just for the present, but that will outlast generations.

We are committed to furthering our profession’s understanding of whole-life carbon and thinking in depth about the longevity of our structures. As a guiding principle, our designs build in flexibility to be able to adapt for future needs.

We create open-ended, adaptable frameworks with large, well-serviced and well-lit floors. These spaces accommodate multiple activities today and offer the possibility for a long lifespan of a building and a variety of different uses tomorrow.

“We are now seeing the second lives of many of our designs. Take Lloyd’s of London, now Grade-I listed. The landmark building’s flexibility to accommodate unimagined cabling at its time of construction meant it survived the PC revolution, while its contemporaries have vanished.”

Ivan Harbour, Senior Partner